Two Different Grades

Currently, there are two different grades of neodymium magnets for sale for use in aircraft. These grades are grade N52 and grade N53, respectively. However, as technology advances, a third type of neodymium magnet may be available. This type of magnetic material would be incredibly powerful but its high price would prohibit it from being used in airplanes.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued safety alerts about neodymium magnets for use in airplanes. These magnets are the strongest and most efficient. They are also the least sensitive to demagnetization. If you are looking to purchase a neodymium magnet for a helicopter, you should make sure that the grade is high enough for your needs.

Disc magnets made of neodymium should be handled with care to prevent them from causing injuries. Thin bar magnets , for example, should be treated like a dinner plate. In addition to being extremely strong, they are also brittle and may produce sharp pieces when handled improperly. You should never store them in a place where they will be a danger to yourself.

The neodymium magnets used in the aviation industry are extremely powerful. They are extremely durable and can be over eight millimeters in diameter and five millimeters in length. They can generate a force of over 1700 grams. Because they are ten times stronger than ceramic magnets, they are a good alternative for aerospace applications. In fact, these magnets are so powerful that they have replaced ceramic magnets in some industries. Because of their strength, neodymium magnets have been used to replace ceramic ones in many sectors. Nevertheless, they can be dangerous as they can cause harm to human life. Some people have been seriously injured or even killed by large neodymium magnets.

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